Thursday, July 27, 2006

well... this week has pretty much blown goats... monday i got so amazingly sick i couldn't move all day without a little yelp of pain. that cold hit me so strong it was just a nice full-body-ache. by tuesday i was mostly better pain wise, but the cold's stuck around.

anyways, the fun part is that my boss just received 2 new kidneys, so he's on drugs that supress his immune system. so that means no going into work when we're sick anymore. so it's been super long week couple of days since.

so there were a couple topics popping into my nogging to write about, but things getting in the way. or i'm a slackass. or both. who knows.

so. i'm not 100% sure i believe in a.d.d. i kinda think i'm just a (yes, we've already mentioned this) slackass. with a total lack of self-discipline and will-power. but it's nice to be diagnosed with a.d.d. and to have an excuse for my behavior. i just have to let myself use it. anyways, i'm back on the meds. it'll take a couple weeks before i'm on the full dosage, but it'll be interesting to see the effect it has one me. and, in turn, my blogging. since usually i'm screwing around from work when i'm writing.

later gators.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

do you dream?

i'm sure that i do, but what's weird is that i remember none of them. not even for a few fleeting minutes before i'm fully awake. if i try, really hard to remember all my dreams for-forever, there is only one that i can remember. (sorry cynic, i know you've heard this 10000 times before). well over a decade ago, when i was in college, i had mucho-mucho-crush on a girl i'd known for years. i was always dating someone when she was single and vice-versa. so we were just best of friends. her parents ran an embroidery business out of their converted garage and had banks of these machines that would just churn out shirts and other products all day long. they had the most comfortable couch. you'd lay on it and pass out in minutes because of the hum of those machines going and the pure comfort of the couch.

after high school, my family eventually moved up to phoenix from tucson and i found a job up there so i went with them. so i'd only see crush-girl every so often and would usually spend the night when i came down for a weekend. she invited me down one weekend over the winter holidays and while i was down there, it was a relatively full house, so i got the comfy couch, but younger kids were on the floors in sleeping bags in the living and dining room. so in my dream she came and woke me up by leaning over the couch and smooching on me. i awoke a few minutes into this delicious event to find myself groping at air and kissing dead space. i think the only reason why it solidified so hard in my brain was that i was so horrified to think that someone else might've woken up and seen my display.

and to be honest, i don't really remember any details of that dream now. i just remember the event because i've laughed about it a couple of times and i've told the story so many times. but i really, really don't remember it.

so a big thing for me for years was not believing people when they told me about their dreams. i was just certain they were making the dreams up for attention. especially the people who remembered them so vividly. as i grew up and realized that wasn't the case, that people really did remember them that way, i started to become a little jealous. how amazing to have that fantasy world open to you. way back when, i wrote a blog about anger management courses that i had to go to because i couldn't sleep. it was funny, because at the time, someone presented the suggestion that maybe i can't sleep so well because i look at sleep as wasted time. now anyone who knows how much i love naps scoffs at this idea, but it's interesting. in iraq, where i looked at sleep as a time machine that made the end of the tour come faster, i slept pretty darned well many nights.

so how about you? do you dream? do you remember them? how long do you remember them? just for a few fleeting moments while you're fully waking up, or for hours and days? and is it all of them, or just a few? talk to me! let me live vicariously here people...

oh, and what sparked this? reading dg's dream story. if anybody talks to me in my dreams, it must be stupid stuff not worth remembering....

oh, and damnit! go watch the call center movie that i linked to in that post below. c'mon. it's mildly amusing.

Monday, July 17, 2006


... for some reason, i notice alot of guys giving me the evil eye lately, and i'm not sure why. today i was in a check out line in a store behind a young woman, talking on the phone, pretty much oblivious to everything going on around me, when out of nowhere some bruiser steps in between us and immediately proceeded to "mark his territory"... hand in her ass pocket of her jeans, pulling her towards him to kiss him while glaring at me over her shoulder...

that's just a specific, but it's been going on like crazy. was it happening before and i was just more oblivious than normal? are youngsters getting aggressively obnoxious these days? something in the water? i don't think i've changed, and no one should ever find a reason to eyeball me anyways, i'm pretty much uninteresting and unthreatening... a nice, happy wallflower...


Friday, July 14, 2006

speaking of little films....

paperback writer was talking about starring in a home video. (yes. that kind. can you believe it !?!?!?!)

someone sent me this today. it's mildly funny and it'll waste 12 minutes of time at work. go. watch.

stolen from trouble... and just so i could answer one question.

01. What is your favourite word?

02. What is your least favourite word?

03. What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?
creatively? other creativity. i get inspired looking at work other people have done. also poorly made things. it's not just object or art, i frequently find myself wondering "could i do that better?" sometimes that question gets under my skin and i have to try.

04. What turns you off?
excessive tattoos which don't have real meaning, hip huggers and belly shirts are trends that I hope pass soon.

05. What is your favourite curse word?
jack-ass. it's a curse word, it's a term of endearment...

06. What sound or noise do you love?
lately? the engine on the motorcycle kicking over. and music on my stereo instead of the crappy laptop speakers or headphones.

07. What sound or noise do you hate?
The sound of rounds impacting with the armor I'm behind.

08. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Salvage Diver.

09. What profession would you not like to do?
male prostitute.

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
take a break. you deserve it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

if you want to make me happy in the morning...

... plunk an everything bagel with tons of cream cheese in front of me and step back and give me a couple of minutes to savor it in peace...

... there's a job fair for former military personnel today. i'm trying to decide whether or not to go to it. sometimes those are great, sometimes they're more looking for unskilled labor type people and it ends up being somewhat insulting.

... my short term memory is really, really bad. it took me three weeks to remember to write myself a to-do list, so that i could remember all the things i needed to do. and after i wrote it, i'd still forget to print it/read it. it's not just the memory, it's the concentration factor.

... i am NOT getting used to the altitude at all. 2 weeks of running and i still feel like both my lungs are collapsing after just 2 miles. if i stop, walk 200 meters and catch my breath, i'm good to go again. but stopping is just... wussy. damnit.

... my visit with the 'rents went great. funny how that kinda stuff can just make you feel warm'n'fuzzy. i've never had a bad relationship with my folks, no real rebellious years. yeah, there were places where i zagged and they would've preferred i would've zigged, and yeah, they tend to preach down to me a little more than they talk with me at times, but they're still great parents and they just do that stuff out of concern for me. it's nice to feel loved.

... while i love my motorcycle, i'm about to go kick dealer personnel in the nuts. they took 4 days to do the 1000 mile service on the bike. 4 days people. this should've been an hour job in a shop with all the necessary tools when completed by people who usually do many of these a week.

i'm sure there's more, but my brain is still doing cartwheels over the everything bagel.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

... this is a) me with contacts and b) me driving and not going into road rage. i'm getting better.

... i have had some of the most wonderful rides into work the last two days. i think people took the rest of the week off of work for vacation, so the interstate has been wide open. great feeling to grip'n'rip.

... the 'rents are coming up this weekend. that'll be interesting. we've got alot to get through. it's a weird... something. survivor syndrome? they're happy to have me back from iraq safe'n'sound but they're still mourning the loss of my sister.

... i'm being recruited for another deployment. i love the army, but i think i have to say "no".

... you all attract weirdos apparently. so do i. so what's it say that we all found one another?

... i am continously amazed at how management doesn't understand basics of taking care of people. not just at the company i work for, but all over. are basic skills not being passed down anymore? i guess it's got alot to do with the flattening of companies, and reducing the layers of management. companies don't have management training programs or mentorships programs quite like they used to. i actually had someone make fun of me the other day because i'll bring my grill into work during the summer, and cook up burgers and dogs once every two or three weeks for the department. investment? almost nothing, the employees supply everything. the only cost to the company is about an extra half hour of my time to cook. gain? team cohesion, good spirits, a feeling within the department that we care about them, a laughing/joking environment where we can broach some sensitive topics that might normally not be discussed.

... i am so out of touch with current pop culture. songs and movies came and went in my absence. i'm recovering slowly.

... i love "my name is earl". and not just because of j.p.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

weird people...

... i seem to attract weird people. for some reason, people feel it's okay to come up to me and talk about random stuff. of course, it's never the super hot girl.

"everyone has that happen". well, let me give examples.

... once i was a convention or some show or something walking around, looking at the exhibits. there was an older man who was mentally retarded (is there a p.c. term that i'm not aware of? my intention is not to offend here) individual who passed by and said "hi" and i returned his greeting. i wander around the room and bump into him a few minutes later. he says "hi" again, and then reaches out, takes my glasses off my head, spits on them, and then starts cleaning them with his tee-shirt. apparently this is something he likes to do for all of his friends.
what else can you do but politely thank him, take your glasses, excuse yourself and run for the nearest sink to wash them off?

... today i go into the bathroom at work. my contact lens is driving me crazy and i figure it's time to pop the sucker out, clean it and put it back in. there's another guy in there and he turns, says "have you ever noticed how when you have asparagus the day before, the next day your urine smells like asparagus?" "uh, no. never noticed that." "do you eat much asparagus?" "uh, no. probably not as much as i should." "well, it's a scientific fact. next time you eat asparagus, remember to smell your urine the next day. it'll freak you out!" "huh, thanks for the tip"

and now, hopefully, these will haunt your sleepless nights as well. be glad i didn't share the story of the toothless stripper.

guess who this made me think of?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


... i love the commercial for "it's always sunny in philadelphia" that is a parody of the "friends" beginning where they're all playing in the fountain.

... i'm less impressed with "rescue me" than i'd like to be this season. it was always soap-opera-y, but so far it seems to be way over the top.

... i'm having issues at work right now.

... i hate it when t.v. preaches to me. i'm not 6 anymore. i don't need my adult entertainment to preach to me. i'm too old for afterschool specials. uh. jackasses? when i say "adult entertainment" i don't mean porn. i mean prime-time t.v. get yer minds outta the gutters. shame on you!

... i just started wearing contacts again for the first time in about a decade. that was the first time i'd ever worn them, and i gave them an honest shot for about a month and a half, and then had to quit. by that time i'd lost multiple left lenses because they kept popping out of my eye. at that time, it was almost 200 bucks for a pair, then $100 extended warranty, and they were an annual replacement pair of soft permeables. now it's 120 bucks for a year long supply of monthly replaceables, they are toric lenses so they stick to my misshaped eyeballs and it's amazing how much brighter they make everything again. i'm amazingly hard on glasses, and i'm too much of a chicken to have the operations, even though i don't personally know anyone who has had bad luck with them. i still have a helluva time putting them in, but as i get used to them i'm sure that'll get better. i'm only on day three, and i go back for a follow-up visit on saturday. but if they're not driving me crazy by them, i think i'll pull the trigger and committ to at least a six month supply.

... i'm getting way too emotionally attached to my motorcycle. i had to drive my car the other day to work, and it left me cranky the rest of the day. and i'm seriously getting iritable when people cut me off and screw up my nice, 70mph run up the interstate. i love it. seriously, seriously love it. the bad part? i'm wanting to not wear my helmet alot. i probably need to go shopping for a shorty skid-lid and see if that makes me feel better.

... holy crap i have ALOT of gray hairs. it was kinda cute ten years ago when i could find four or five on the side of my head. but uhm. it's getting bad folks. i haven't had a trim in 2 months since i left iraq. so they're longer and that much more apparent. those days end now. no more long-haired freak.

... i hate running! i took 5 weeks off and started up again last week. pain, pain, pain. i'm blaming it on the altitude adjustment though, and not me getting old. on the plus side, it is getting easier. kinda. i need running partners though. or youngsters that i have to set an example for so guilt kicks my ass. or both.