Friday, January 25, 2008

holy good and bad all rolled into one...

i had to fly last night to drop some get some gear to a team. i have a huge problem with motion sickness on helicoptors which sucks because it should be so much freaking fun most of the time. last night was absolutely breath taking. alot of flying in the mountains, and almost zero light pollution. so the snow was showing up because it was reflecting the moon and starlight. and these mountains are just gorgeous. on the way out, i was relatively center of the bird and warm as can be. on the way back i was right next to the gunner doors so i froze my ass off. that kicking your windchill up by a factor of a hundred plus mph. by the time i got home in the middle of the night i was so cold, that even after i walked a mile or so, it still took me over half an hour under the blankets to stop shivering.

because of my motion sickness i wore a transderm scop patch last night. it didn't really work. i puked in the snow when we got where we were going before we did what we did, and i puked on the side of the helipad when we got back. today my vision's been all kinda funny and i just don't feel "right". not like i'm going to throw up necessarily, but not 100%.

all in all though, i got to see something amazing last night and it was worth the little bit of discomfort.


Blogger courtney said...

Sorry about the motion sickness. The mountains sound beautiful.

11:09 AM  
Blogger TC said...

Sorry to hear about the motion sickness :( That sucks.

Mountains are gorgeous though, so glad you got a good view!

12:34 PM  
Blogger Loving Annie said...

Motion sickness sucks... Glad the view was great... but... do they have anything better than the patch for next time you have to fly in the chopper ?

6:16 PM  

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